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Take care of your parents, aged family members and relatives back home. From a suite of health insurance plans tailored for them, select any comfortable payment plan that works for you.

Senior Mini

USD 47.38  /  quarter

  • Unrestricted access to Category C-D Providers
  • Inpatient limits up to NGN1,000,000
  • Accidents & Emergencies: Resuscitative or lifesaving initial treatment
  • Accommodation (including feeding) up to 30 days
  • Surgeries up to NGN250,000
  • Outpatient limit up to NGN350,000
  • Hospital based consultations with General practice doctors and medical officers
  • Hospital based Consultations with specialists
  • Telemedicine
  • Doctor home visit
  • Chronic Disease Medication
  • Outpatient Prescription Medicines
  • Basic diagnostics test
  • Advanced & Complex Investigations
  • Hospital to hospital
  • Home/Road side to hospital up to 3 times
  • Death & funeral service expense up to NGN100,000
  • Dental care up to NGN30,000
  • Ear/Nose/Throat
Senior Midi

USD 99.53  /  quarter

  • Unrestricted access to Category B-D Providers
  • All Senior Mini Benefits, including:
  • Inpatient limits up to NGN1,600,000
  • Surgeries up to NGN500,000
  • Outpatient limit up to NGN700,000
  • Dental care up to NGN50,000
  • Cancer care
Senior Premium

USD 201.17  /  quarter

  • Unrestricted access to Category A-D Providers
  • All Senior Midi Benefits, including:
  • Inpatient limits up to NGN3,350,000
  • Surgeries up to NGN1,000,000
  • Outpatient limit up to NGN1,350,000
  • Cancer care
  • Dental care up to NGN80,000
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • High Dependency Unit (HDU)

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