Frequently Asked Questions

- It will start with free registration, onboarding and simple KYC with our verification partners.

- Users will either register by inputting their email or registering through their Gmail/facebook accounts etc.

- Once the KYC is complete and the account open, the user can navigate to any of the above listed products and choose what it wants to purchase.

- Once completed user will be directed to a checkout page and can make payment.

- Not interested in registering but stiil want to see what we offer? Please feel free to look around, you can even shop and check out as a guest if you want to, we will only ask for your email.

Under Health there will essentially be 3 options to choose from:

i. Individual

ii. Family

iii. Seniors(s)

- You will be prompted for details of the enrollee including a selfie picture, (pleaae request for this ahead of time.

- Once you choose what kind of coverage you want want, you will be provided pricing and summary benefit information under that heading.

- You can also elect to choose a plan based on your budget, as we provide, quarterly, biannual and yearly payment options.

- Once payment is made an email confirmation will be sent to you with policy activation details which you can share with your enrollee.

- A customer service representative will then reach to your enrollee withing 24hrs to assist where necessary with onboarding.

- Please ask your enrollee to download the Hygeia HMO App from the apple or android store if they have a smart phone as well.

It is unlikely that they will experience a delay because most hospital visits are for primary care procedures and consultations that do not need authorisations from us to be provided. We call these “No-Auths”.

Some secondary care procedures do need pre-authorization by the hospitals. This ‘Pre-Auth’ is to ensure that the plan you have purchased for your enrollee covers all aspects of the treatment they need. The hospital will contact our HMO partner for this authorization through its superfast HyDirect platform or by a call or an email. This process should take less than 10 minutes so please let us know if they are made to stay longer. Please ask your famiy member or loved one to text DELAY on WhatsApp to 0701 348 7432 to notify our HMO Partner.

HYGEIA HMO with more being onboarded in the near future.

We appreciate the need to have options so enrollees to our, personal and family plans get the advantage of roaming across the HYGEIA network by default. This way, they don’t need to be stuck with one hospital if they want a change. All they need to do is go to a new one on the Hygeia network. Some plans do specify a particular hospital, If your enrollee’s plan is one of these, please ask them to just find a hospital close to them on the HYGEIA network and let us know.

You can simply just purchase a plan that suits you and that person will be enrolled. If What you initially purchased was a family plan, you will need to just update your form details. Send us an email at

They can go to any other Hygeia network hospital that their plan covers, anywhere in Nigeria. Please ask them to, or Just check on their behalf the directory of hospitals on our website and pick the one closest to where they are. Please note the categories though, categories A & B hospitals are only available on select plans. In the unlikely event that there is no HYGEIA HMO hospital where they are, please ask them to go to any other hospital near where they are, they will have to pay out of pocket for this but can apply to HYGEIA for a refund or send an email to Please ensure we are notified within 24 hours to optimize their care at that hospital.

Please call 0700 HYGEIA HMO (0700 494342 466). You can also send an email to or to us at as well.

Yes, they do. They can use the electronic ID on the Hygeia HMO mobile app at any time to receive care. If they do not have a smartphone, please ensure that they save their enrollee number in their phone book and request a Hygeia HMO identification card when they visit the provider.

Absolutely, they can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0700 494342 466 and please email support @cowriecrowd if there is a need for any escalations as well.

This is possible, as long as the hospital is registered on the HYGEIA network (please refer to the list of partner hospitals on our website.

Yes. If they are on a plan with designated hospitals, you will only need to fill out a change of hospital forms. Please call 0700 494342 466 or email You can always email us directly as well at

- If you select School/Tuition, you will be directed to upload a copy of the school bill received from your dependants or loved ones.

- Use the payment information provided on the School bill to locate the school and proceed to make payment for exact amount on the bill.

- The School will receive a notification of payment from your dependant or loved one and a receipt of payment will also be sent to you the sponsor via email as well which you can share with your dependent or loved one.

- If you select medical Bills, you will be directed to upload a copy of the medical bill received from your dependents or loved ones.

- Use the payment information provided on the medical bill to locate the school and proceed to make payment for exact amount on the bill.

- The Hospital will receive a notification of payment from your dependent or loved one and a receipt of payment will also be sent to you the sponsor via email as well which you can share with your dependent or loved one.

- Simply choose the Utility you want to pay for, between Power purchase, Airtime Credit Recharge, Data Recharge or cable subscription.

- Power option will provide date capture for:

i. Concerned Power distribution company

ii. Meter Number

iii. Telephone and Email of beneficiary

iv. Amount of power to be purchased

- Airtime Credit Recharge will provide data capture for:

i. Telephone number

ii. Network

iii. Email of Beneficiary

iv. Amount of Credit

- Cable subscription will provide data capture for:

i. Cable provider

ii. Decoder number

iii. Telephone and Email address of beneficiary

iv. Subscription amount

- Once data input is complete you proceed to check out and make payment.

- COWRIECROWD will credit the affected Meter, phone line or decoder respectively.

- The Grocery store is an online market, providing access to foodstuffs and other essential items as can be found in any local market back home. We currently support 4 locations in Nigeria, Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt and Abuja

- Groceries will be pre-packaged and the exact amount or quantity of each item in the bucket is clearly itemized e.g. a 25kg bag of rice, 3 tubers of yam, 10 litre bowl of beans etc.

- You can choose what you want and add same to a cart.

- Whatever selection is made, client will be prompted to data capture :-

i. Name of beneficiary

ii. Address of beneficiary

iii. Phone number & email

- Once selected and all details imputed, client will be prompted to check out and total cost plus delivery clearly stated.

- Once payment is made, COWRIECROWD fulfils the order within 24-36hours.

- Recipient will receive a text and email confirming purchase and advising on delivery.

- Recipient will also receive a call on the day of delivery

Foodstuffs on Cowriecrowd are sold at wholesale prices, and we eliminate the middle man putting you in control of what you buy, when you buy and how much you decide spend.

Once an order is placed it cant be cancelled, however we will automatically refund any out of stock item.

Your security is our foremost priority, so we work with a Paypal, Stripe and Amazon, to handle your card details.